Being established as one of the first institutions to provide social work education in North East India, after fourteen years, we are proud to see the Department of Social Work develop into a full-fledged School of Social Work in 2020. The School of Social Work in MLCU will enable you to explore your skills, push your boundaries and develop expertise to enable you to advocate for social justice and empower communities and individuals. It’s underlying principle of ‘the light of truth’ supports students to be change agents while being culturally sensitive to the values and traditions of indigenous communities. The expertise that you will gain at the School of Social Work is through its departments which are within the School, which offers the following specialisation for Masters’sprogramme:
  • Family Child Studies, Department of Family Child Studies
  • Public Health, Department of Public Health
  • Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Department of Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Community Development, Department of Community Development
  • Gender Studies, Centre for GENDER
The students will gain a more diverse and wider experiential learning as the School of Social Work has strong ties and collaborates with varied organizations to bring about positive change. Graduates have and are finding their space to develop their careers and are contributing to the well-being of communities in North East India and beyond. Its work will also be strengthened through Iateilang: Centre for Social Research, Action and Development which is a new initiative of the School of Social Work and presently the following are the projects under the Centre: Teenage pregnancy with a special focus on familial, legal and socio-cultural context in Meghalaya, India in collaboration with the State Child Protection Society, Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Meghalaya. Situational Analysis on Issues related to Children in Ri-Bhoi and West Jaintia Hills District, funded by the District Child Protection Unit (Ri-Bhoi and West Jaintia Hills District), Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Meghalaya A study on Children at Risk in the Shillong Urban agglomeration in collaboration with Reach Shillong Ministries Urban Project at Mawblei, Shillong in collaboration with Faith Foundation, Reach ShillongMinistries and Voluntary Health Association of Meghalaya (VHAM)


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