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The Student Council (SC) is a body of elected students and representatives from various departments of the University, working under the office of Dean of Students. The SC plays a significant part in the life of the University, by overlooking the overall student well being, coordinating numerous student activities, and various University programmes. In  carrying out its responsibilities and activities, the SC works closely with the administration, faculty and students. The SC  provides a platform for the students to develop skills and character to become effective leaders and to uphold and embody the values of the University.

Aims of the Student Council:

  1. To assist the University in its various student related activities that aim for the wellbeing of the student.
  2. To advance and enhance the overall wellbeing of the students with regards to their academic, personal and social life within the University.
  3. To promote and inculcate the Mission, Vision and values of the University among the students.

Objectives of the Student Council:

  1. To assist the University’s various student related programmes such as, Convocation, Orientation Programme and so on.
  2. To provide a conscious platform for students to develop their leadership abilities and social skills.
  3. To assist the University in its various Student related activities that aim for the well being of the student.
  4. To assist the office of The Dean of Students in addressing the problems and issues that students face.
  5. To organise activities that help students to imbile the vision, mission and values of the University
  6. To initiate activities and programs between the students, faculty, staff to strengthen the community of the University.
  7. To promote and facilitate the overall personal development of the students through various activities and programmes.

Composition and Structure of the Student Council:

  1. General SC members:The General SC members are the entire elected students and faculty representatives along with the Student Council Coordinator.
  2. The Executive Committee:The Executive Committee is a working body of the SC and is composed of the Functionaries of the General SC Assembly. The Committee comprises of
    1. The SC President,
    2. The SC Vice-President,
    3. The General Secretary,
    4. SC Treasurer
    5. The Assistant General Secretary,
    6. Two executive members
    7. Student Council Advisors.

Current members of the Student Council (2022-23):

  1. The Student Council Coordinator:
    • Mr. Zaman Eddie Tongper – Coordinator (On Leave)
    • Mr. Joel Wankerbok N Khongwir – Current Coordinator
  1. The Executive Members:
    • The SC President – Lemmuel C Debbarma (School of Language and Literary Studies)
    • The SC Vice-President – Ibadamut E. Rumnong (Department of Tourism and Travel Management)
    • The General Secretary  – Dameshua Nongspung (School of Language and Literary Studies)
    • The Assistant General Secretary – Kaldinus Marbaniang (Department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems)
    • Treasurer – Naphimanca Shylla (School of Economics, Commerce and Management)
    • Executive member – Reuben Masih Konai (Department of Music)
    • Executive member – Federick t. Syiem (School of Social Work)
    • Student Council Advisor – Wandashisha Lyngdoh (Department of Psychology)
    • Student Council Advisor – Poojari Prakash (Department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems)


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