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Weekends on Campus in MLCU

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Weekends on Campus in MLCU

  • Introduction:

Fun weekend activities are organised on Campus for students and Alumni. The purpose of

organising weekends on campus is to create an atmosphere that fosters community building

within the campus, encourages interpersonal connections, promotes learning, skills building,

and personal growth, and highlights individual and institutional achievements.

The activities will be productive and relaxing which includes; music performances, movie

evenings, zumba/yoga classes, art classes, board games, foosball competitions, photography

classes and competitions, and outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking, and so on.

  • Objectives:

i). To upskill students with various extracurricular activities for personal growth.

ii).To promote student interpersonal connections.

iii). To foster community building within the campus.

The following criteria will be used to motivate the students to participate and be in the University during weekends, instead of spending their times in places which cannot afford them their peace of mind.

  • Certification of Activities:

The University ensures that some of the activities which will be organised will be certified, while others will be fun activities which do not require certification.  Certification is conducive to healthy participation among the students. It serves a purpose of recognizing talents, engagements and participation and achievements of individuals. It also helps in enhancing the overall credibility of the weekend programs in general.. Certification can be in the form of participation certificates, completion certificates, or accomplishment certifications based on the nature of the activity.  MLCU acknowledges the attempt and commitment of the participants and allows them to showcase their accomplishments .

  • Availability of snack vendors:
  1. Additionally, snack vendors will be available on campus during the weekends, to enhance the overall experience and convenience of participants.The food truck offers a range of food items which can cater to the overall convenience which can meet the requirements and expectations of the students.The students will not need to search for food outside the university premises, providing a hassle free experience on campus during the weekends. The food truck adds to the lively environment of the weekends at MLCU, fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants as they gather to enjoy good food and engaging events.
  1. Schedule: Accordingly, the schedule will be arranged, where the DoS members, the Administrative staff, the respective departments will be a part of the monitoring team for each weekend. We want to be there to support our students with their engagements in the activities. Understanding that there may be some requirements and support from students, our presence will make them feel at home. 
  1. Incentivisation of staff:

To encourage participation and to strengthen the staff force for monitoring during the weekend on campus, the University is planning to incentivise the staff on the days that are scheduled for them to come. The incentivisation will be as per the overtime policy.

A schedule will be prepared and the staff have the responsibility in monitoring and conducting the activities. 

The following are the list of activities and budget for the activities:

Name of Activities

Open Mic:

  • Musical Evening
  • DJ event

Sport Tournaments:

  • E-Sports
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Foosball


Art Lessons

Other Competitions:

  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Photography

Outdoor activities:

  • Trekking


Through these weekend activities, a lively and engaging campus environment that fosters student growth and development will be created. It allows students to connect with each other, form new friendships, and create memories that will be productive in their academic lifetime. These activities will also promote the holistic well being of students.

The weekend activities will vary from week to week and will feature several external people to help upskill our students. The activities will be highly encouraged to every student to partake as they are not only productive but serve as a relaxing escape from academic stress as well as helping the students in regards to their mental well being.




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