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Aurora - University Week

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The Aurora is the annual university week celebration of Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU) which is organised by the Office of the Dean of Students along with the Student Council members .The event is named after the aurora borealis, a natural phenomenon known for its colourful and vibrant display of lights in the sky.



  1. To foster a sense of community, collaboration, and camaraderie among the MLCU family.
  2. To promote the university’s values of academic excellence, spiritual growth, and social responsibility.
  3. To provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and skills.


During the Aurora, MLCU students, faculty, and staff participate in various activities and events such as sports tournaments, academic competitions, cultural performances and it usually kicks started with a community outreach programme which commemorates the hard work of certain society bodies. 


The week-long celebration usually takes place in between the months of October-November and culminates in a grand closing ceremony that features a concert or a cultural extravaganza showcasing the talents of MLCU students. The Aurora is a much-awaited and highly anticipated event for the MLCU community, and it provides a platform for students to showcase their skills, talents, and creativity while promoting the spirit of unity and fellowship.



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