Grading system

As per the recommendations of the UGC, MLCU has adopted the credit-based, Grade Point Average (GPA) system of grading where the overall performance of the students is specified in terms of grades, grade point average, and cumulative grade point average.  The calculation of GPA is done in the following manner:-
Terms Meaning
GPA The average of the total grade points scored by a student
CGPA A unit obtained by adding the total grade points of all semesters and dividing it by the total credits of all semesters
Grade Point A grade point per credit is a point assigned for a particular grade
Credit The number of lecture hours per week per semester/ two laboratory practical hours/three project hours
  1. A grade point per credit is a point assigned for a particular grade as follows:
    Grade Grade points per credit
    A 4
    B 3
    C 2
    F 0
  2. In assigning grades for the score of a student, statistically valid methods are used in that only letter grades, and not marks, are awarded. The university does not indicate marks ranges equivalent to grades as grades are awarded on a cluster basis taking the overall class performance into consideration. No arbitrary ranges are used.
  3. The total grade points are calculated as follows:
    Grade Grade Points Credits Total Grade Points
    A 4 4 16
    B 3 4 12
    C 2 4 08
    F 0 4 00
  4. When required, the following formula is used for translating GPA into percentage:Percentage = CGPA/4 x 100 For instance, the CGPA is 2.19/4.00.  This can be shown as 2.19 x 100/4.00 = 54.75%.


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