Accreditation is the concept and process for the validation and recognition of educational courses taken at institutions other than colleges or universities for the purpose of transfer of credits towards degree programs at MLCU. Accreditation may be awarded for individual coursework or be awarded to an institution that conducts courses recognized by MLCU. Accreditation that is awarded to an institution may be formalized by an agreement with the University.

MLCU will consider transfer of credits for previous course work that has been taken by an applicant in the following categories or their equivalent:

  1. ITIs or polytechnics
  2. Community colleges
  3. Institutes set up by Trusts or Societies
  4. Any institute conducting courses recognized by a Government Ministry or statutory body
Eligibility For consideration of credit transfer, the following criteria should be met:
  1. The course work should have been taken after a Plus 2 certificate. In certain cases, the coursework could have been taken after the 10th standard, provided the course is recognized by a statutory body as equivalent to a Plus 2 certificate. Accreditation for course work taken after the 10th standard may also be granted by the University.
  2. Whether full-time or part-time, apart from the duration of the course, the number of hours/credits should be clearly indicated.
Process for individual applicants
  1. The applicant should submit a request for credit transfer along with relevant certificates and transcripts.
  2. The application will be evaluated and considered for approval by the Dean, Academics.
  3. If considered necessary, an equivalency examination will be conducted.
Process for institutions
  1. The University will ordinarily arrange a visit to the institution to ascertain the facilities, faculty and teaching program.
  2. The courses will be evaluated by a Board of Studies.
  3. If approved by the University, an agreement will be executed
  4. The ongoing academic monitoring and guidance shall be conducted by the Board of Studies with final approval by the appropriate academic committee of the University.
List of institutions accredited by the university
Sl.No Institute Name
1 Sampurna Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) renamed as “Montfort Institute of Advanced Studies”
2 Total Response to Alcohol & Drug Abuse-Institute of Social Sciences
3 CGLD School of Counselling
4 Sandhya Gatti Educators’ Trust (Teacher Ink)
5 Medisys Edutech Private Ltd
6 Sara Institute of Paramedical Sciences
7 Mason Philips Academy
8 Bansara Institute of Ophthalmic Sciences
9 International Academy of Trichology & Aesthetic Medicine
10 Shanti Bhawan Medical & Educational Trust
11 Global Centre for Capacity Building Organisation
12 Florida Montessori Centre
13 Society for Community Health Awareness Reseach and Action
14 Bethany Hospital


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