The rate of internationalization is growing rapidly with easier communication and travel. Universities across the world are already seeking to make the most of the possibilities this presents by forming global partnerships and fostering relationships with other institutions. In the globalized society we live in, international collaboration programs help by providing students with the ability to learn, work, and travel in an international capacity. With international exposure, students and faculty alike can enhance their ability to scrutinize, debate, and share experiences and global trends.  These skills are essential for academic and scientific accomplishment especially in the development and implementation of research. Along with research opportunities and cross-cultural awareness, MLCU is also building this international relationship and academic collaborations with few universities. Through these collaborations, students can gain from international experiences including short-term training programmes, study tours, joint concerts, internship, and possible placements abroad. In terms of teaching, benefits include curriculum development and faculty training programme in collaboration with partner institutions.

List of International Collaborations:
  1. Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias (Caernarfon, Wales)
  1. Panpacific University, McArthur Highway, San Vicente, Urdaneta City,  Philippines
  1. Martin Luther University College (Luther), Waterloo, Canada
  2. Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  3. Notre Dame University Bangladesh, Dhaka
  4. King’s College of the Philippines, La Trinidad, Benguet,Philippines


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