Latest batch of MLCU students undergo orientation

18th July, 2023

The University Staff has initiated a voluntary program to provide valuable assistance to school students of the community preparing for their matriculation examinations. 

In this unique and inspiring initiative, dedicated university professionals are offering their expertise to guide and mentor local school students on their academic journey.

This program bridges the gap between higher education institutions and local schools and cultivates a sense of community and mutual support. By leveraging the expertise within the university, students in the community gain access to valuable resources that can significantly impact their academic success. Significant subjects that are covered are Science, Literary Subjects as well as Mathematics which are very important for a student to grasp and learn more.

The University Staff believes in the transformative power of education and is committed to positively impacting young learners’ lives. Through this collaborative effort, they hope to inspire a love for learning, empower students to overcome academic challenges and contribute to the overall educational enrichment of the community.

Welcoming the Bright Minds of Tomorrow!

MLCU’s Orientation Day was a massive success, with 346 eager students joining us for an enlightening start to their academic journey. Our newest batch is all set to explore the boundless opportunities that lie ahead!