Shillong Literary Festival 2023

Day-1 of the Shillong Literary Festival was a harmonious blend of music 🎶🎵, lively interactions 🎤 💡 and the unveiling of our new Children book “The Mystery of the Cave” 📖 which has set the stage for an eagerly anticipated Day-2 of the event. Speaking of our new book, it is now available for purchase from our Bookshop 📚 located at Ward’s Lake, Shillong, at a discount of 10% What better way to gift a child than with a book 📖 which can invoke a sense of curiosity 🔎 and imagination in the young minds ✨   Day 2: A triumphant symphony of Literature unfolded as New Books found their wings 📚, Poetry echoed through the air, thought-provoking discussions were held and music danced with the words 🎵🎶 The event radiated success, celebrating the harmonious blend of creativity and culture 😌 As one of the Bookshops set up at Ward’s Lake, we are grateful to have received positive response from passionate readers ☺️ and are also privileged to have met them in person 🤗 Day-3 of the last day of the Literary Festival 📚✨ An enchanting finale to a 3-day of brilliance – the echoes of poetic recitals, the birth of new literary worlds 📚, the resonance of fruitful discussions 🎤 and the symphony of music events 🎶 linger the air, painting the closing chapter of this remarkable and eventful gathering. We are grateful to the organizers for having us as part of the Shillong Literary Festival 2023 and are thankful to all readers for supporting us during the event 🙏 Your support is the magic that brings our stories to life 📚 ✨