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About The Conference

The National Conference entitled ‘The rise of Digitization in Business/Organization: A Boon or Bane’ aims to make a platform for academicians, professionals,  research  scholars and students to foster their knowledge and analytical skills in their core and non core domain. This event provides an opportunity to make networks and to share their knowledge to a world wide community. Digitization has been a force that is sweeping the current structure and  transforming  how people interact whether professionally or informally, in business, academic or the overall socio-economic superstructure. In observation, digitization has acted as  a boon. But a coin always has two sides and so do this. It has also acted as a bane for us at moments. We look forward that this conference will shed light on us about  the  current scenario in business/organization digitization. The discussions on the new trends, innovation and challenges in the field of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, IT etc are also encouraged to enhance the knowledge and analytical skills in these areas.

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