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  • Membership: To enthuse each and every graduating student of MLCU to register
    their Alumni Membership.
  • Enhancing capacity building and recognition as resource persons: To draw out a
    pool of outstanding Alumni in various fields and areas who could be recommended
    for various expert committees, bodies, agencies, etc of the government and CSOs
    based on their expertise, skills and interest, as well as members in appropriate
    committees in MLCU. For this purpose, the alumni members could register in the
    alumni web portal indicating their skills, interest and expertise.
  • Being a catalytic agent: Support in identifying organisations/institutions that could partner with MLCU that could help students to embark on a highly successful career of their choice.
  • Alumni recognition for excellence: Institute awards / rewards periodically to promote excellence in various fields under MLCU. Alumni receives recognition for noteworthy achievements and strong support to ‘alma mater’. MLCU annually awards alumni for their service to the university through the Distinguished Alumni Awards.
  • Synergistic approach and contribution: Specially identified alumni will be facilitated to engage with Faculty, Department and Heads on a regular basis and focus on activities that could benefit all the stakeholders.
  • Society involvement: Alumni will be offered opportunities of service, friendship and networking for enhanced society involvement.
  • Alumni networking: To facilitate to meet new people, make connections, and enhance relationships at periodic alumni events. Also, to periodically network with all stakeholders to benefit students with primary emphasis on student-centric activities viz. projects, placements, internship, consultancy, research, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Career advancement: Alumni members can utilize career related assistance through MLCU alumni network and mentors; MLCUAA will provide facilitated avenues in which noteworthy alumni help you to get on the right career path before, and after graduation.
  • University & Alumni Information: Receive information and/or read about news and happenings at MLCU through e-mail account, social media, Alumni e-Newsletter, etc.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Interact with alumni from diverse background and also participate in the university voluntary activities to support / assist students and the university.
  • Alumni events: Participate and receive invitations to receptions, game events and special activities of MLCU alumni.
  • Membership benefits: Alumni members will benefit from registration fee waiving or discounted registration fees in the seminars/conferences/workshops/trainings organised by MLCU. May also have discounted benefits in the sales of any items from the university.
  • Comradeship & belongingness: To provide a social / cultural platform through effective networking and spread comradeship amongst the Alma Mater which may be considered as the best benefits of being a member of the Alumni Association.
  • Transparency and inclusiveness: To evolve a system that will demonstrate transparency and inclusiveness in all matters pertaining to the alumni functioning and management.
  • Value of being an Alumni: A strong alumni association makes a stronger University; being a member of the Alumni, you contribute to MLCU being a strong University. In short, alumni support is critical for MLCU to be a strong University. Support in development and growth of MLCU: Alumni will provide feedback and support in development and growth of the university through financial and human resource contribution.
  • Being an ambassador of MLCU: To create goodwill voluntary ambassadors of the University in promoting the visions, mission and values of MLCU.




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