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A book is a centre of knowledge that enshrines our learning for us and the future generations. The Centre for Publications and Communications, MLCU coordinates the University’s efforts to create, compile and disseminate knowledge created by years of research, learning and explorations adding to the purpose of society and nation building. Our publications essentially aim to expand the existing body of writing on studies emerging from the region around us. We endeavour to curate a body of knowledge for better understanding of our rich heritage, culture, traditional knowledge of medicine, environment, social issues among others creating a bridge for the wider world. The department also brings out the Academic Digest of the University which features publications of the faculty and students across academic journals and the public media. The publication of theses, conference and seminar proceedings are also under its aegis. Our current list of publications include:

Training Persons with Disabilities as Successful Entrepreneurs

Marina Bethany Marwein

This monograph is to provide the readers with a logical, feasible, essential learning experience to organise and promote an entrepreneurship development programme for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Indian settings. It is meant to stimulate, encourage and initiate relevant effective training programs for PwDs. Using theory and classroom practical methods with suitable examples and field experiences, the monograph will encourage, educate and motivate graduates, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), well-wishers and vocational training institutes to provide specialised and inclusive training for any persons with a disability, with no exceptions, regardless of caste, creed or educational or social status, to be successful entrepreneurs, benefiting themselves, their families and the societies in which they live.

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Gender Sexuality and Society in Northeast India book cover

Gender Sexuality and Society in Northeast India

Edited by Dr. Rynthlin Jenifer War and Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor

This book is a milestone in a journey that has led the University in the firm direction of gender rights and equality, demonstrated in its curriculum, community work, university policy, and public expression. It deals with themes ranging from the changing social structures and their impact on women; health, education and environment; survival, balance and positivity; LGBTQIA+ individuals and community; declarations, statements and acts with additional material for students and researchers of social issues.

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Compassion -In the Expression of Healing and Comforting

By Dr. Maribon Viray and Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor

'Compassion is at the core of the mission and vision of our university. As we take part in the teaching and learning of our students, we also aim to facilitate and lead the expression of compassion in any workplace, in every setting, for anyone at present and in the future. As humans we may falter, but we will strive to cultivate in us and our students this very essence of reaching out especially to the poorest of the poor, the neglected and marginalized, the hurting, and the dying around us. In so doing, we may fulfill the motto of our university “The Light of Truth” that we may partake to illuminate, educate, and edify one another. We hope that this monograph as a study material will serve as a tool for this endeavor'. (Maribon Viray, 2020)

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Building a New Community in Bissamcuttack

By Dr. Glenn C Kharkongor

This is a monograph about Dr Johnny and Mercy Omen, a couple working in Bissamcuttack, Odisha. The book details the various initiatives that the couple introduced in the community of Bissamcuttack such as the the Mitra (Madsen’s Institute for Tribal and Rural Advancement) approach and the sundry ways in which their efforts have benefited the community and improved healthcare. The work also records the various projects and programs that have been successful in lowering the infant mortality rate, containing the spread of malaria, combating malnutrition amongst the tribal children, setting up of educational institutions for the tribal youth and various others.

Available at: Cambridge Book Depot, Urban Parking-cum-Shopping Complex, Police Bazaar

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In The Shadows -Children of Urban Poor Households in Shillong

By Melari Shisha Nongrum (Author, Preface), Benjamin Syiem (Illustrator)

In the Shadows is a study on the children of urban poor households of Shillong and the effect that the adverse conditions that they are inevitably subjected to have on them. Besides bringing these issues to light, the author also proposes certain protective factors that can be practised locally in the family and even globally in the community thus ensuring that stakeholders formulate a positive, effective, and holistic solution.

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Waiting for an Equal World: Gender in India's Northeast


This volume is a compilation of the articles and editorials written in newspapers and magazines and papers presented at academic and professional meetings. It is the outpouring of thoughts, ideas and analysis from a woman activist and writer whose reportage and commentary has emerged from the heartbeat of tribal grassroots and the ground zero of political and social activity. The book is meant to reach out to social activists, political scientists, community-centered academicians and all those who have concern for gender equality.

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Tales of Darkness and Light

By Janet Hujon (Author, Foreword, Introduction, Narrator, Translator), Careen Joplin Langstieh (Illustrator), Mark Turin (Preface)

This book is about the work of Soso Tham, the acknowledged poet laureate of the Khasis of northeastern India. He was one of the first Khasi writers to give written poetic form to the rich oral tradition of his people. Poet of landscape, myth and memory, Soso Tham paid rich and poignant tribute to his tribe in his masterpiece The Old Days of the Khasis. Janet Hujon’s vibrant new translation presents the English reader with Tham’s long poem, which keeps a rich cultural tradition of the Khasi people alive through its retelling of old narratives and acts as a cultural signpost for their literary identity. This book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Indian literature and culture and in the interplay between oral traditions and written literary forms. The book includes QR codes that link to audio recordings of the poems read by the translator.

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