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Paymet Instrutions

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      • For New Admission, fees can be paid through the following:
          1. Online Admission Portal:
          2. Debit Card
          3. Bank transfer to the following bank account:
            Account Name : Martin Luther Christian University
            Bank Name: Federal Bank Ltd, Shillong
            Account Number : 11905500002834
            IFS Code : FDRL0001190


      • Once bank transfer is completed
        1. Kindly send the receipt to
        2. Subject line: Payment of 1st instalment fees for application number
        3. Please mention your name, Course and Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number in the email.
        4. Please note it will take 2 working days to confirm your admission.


      • Procedure for paying fees through Online Admission Portal

    Step 1

        1. : Login to the Admission Portal.

    Please note:Amount to pay will be reflected only after the application is approved. If not yet approved, kindly contact Admission Desk.

    Step 2: If approved, click on Pay Tuition Fees

    Step 3: Select Payment Plan (Partial/ 1st Installment)

    Step 4: Select the Payment Gateway (Billdesk/Worldline)
    Step 5: Kindly note:

              1. If the student wants to pay the fees through UPI(Google Pay/PayTM/Phonepay) or Netbanking, kindly choose the Billdesk Payment Gateway.
              2. If the student wants to pay the fees through Card(Debit/Credit), kindly choose the Worldline Payment Gateway.

    Step 6: Do not refresh the Page

    Step 7: Enter the essential details asked in the Payment Gateway for payment of fees.


              1. If the transaction Fail, check the reason of failure received in your registered phone number associated with the Bank account
              2. In case, there is an error for e.g. The amount has been deducted from the students’ account but the same has not been reflected in the Admission Portal, kindly send an email to attaching the transaction details.
              3. Please make sure that ECOM facility is enabled on your card. If not kindly, contact your Bank to enable you to make payment online
              1. For SBI Card: To activate e-Commerce functionality send sms “swon ecom nnnn” (nnnn is last four digits of the card eg., 0647) to 09223966666
              2. For ICICI Card: Log in to iMobile > Services > Card Services > Modify Debit Card Limit. Log in to Internet Banking > Service Requests > Bank Accounts > ATM/Debit Card Related > Increase/decrease Debit Card Limit
              3. For HDFC Card:
                1. Login to HDFC Bank Netbanking​​​
                2. Visit Debit Card section under Cards
                3. Under Request go to Set Card usage/limits
                4. Select the Debit card
                5. Go to Daily Domestic usage/limits OR Daily International usage /limits
                6. Go to  ATM Usage / POS Usage /Contactless Usage / Online Usage – As Required
                7. Select ‘On’ radio button
                8. Set transaction limits and click on Continue
                9. Review the details
                10. Authenticate & Confirm
              4. For Punjab National Bank:
                1. Visit the Net banking website https://pnbibanking.inor
                2. Click on Retail Internet banking
                3. Click on Debit Card Enable/Disable
                4. Next Page ,Enter 16 Digit Account Number-> Continue
                5. Enter the 6 Digit OTP on the Next Page ->Continue
                6. Enter Debit Card Number, Validity and Card PIN on Next Page for Authentication – >Continue
                7. On the Next Page, Select the requisite Radio Button for ATM/POS/ECOMM/Contactless – Domestic/International/Global(Domestic & International)/No Access -> Continue
                8. Confirm the Modification on the Next Page by Clicking on Submit Button.
                9. Success Message will show on the Next Page as Debit Card Preferences updated successfully.
              5. Other Banks: Kindly contact/visit the Branch concern or MLCU Finance Office.

    N.B. Please do not close your page and do not press back button while payment is still in progress until it returns to Admission Portal website/homepage.

      • Applicability of the use of the above bank details

    The above bank details will be applicable only for the following fee payment

            1. Application fee
            2. 1st semester 1st instalment fees
            3. PhD entrance fee

    For any Fees queries, email us at

From the second instalment onwards, students are to make the online payment through

Click here for fee payment instructions
Click here for video fee payment instructions

For Installment Fee & Fine:

  1. Login to by typing in the address bar of any web browser.
  2. User name: Student Registration Number (e.g. A110004)
  3. Password: Registration Number+123 (e.g If your registration number is A110004, then the password id
  4. Password: Registration Number+123 (e.g If your registration number is A110004123)
  5. Click on MENU>FEES>Click on Fees name whose Status Fee is Unpaid> Pay Fees
  6. Proceed for payment, after the payment is successful the Receipt will appear in the Payment History.

For any Fees queries, email us at

Admission Steps for Foreign Nationals

  1. To register at the MLCU Admission portal click on the link
  2. Log in to your account and fill out the application form and submit
  3. Once approved, a message will be sent to make payment
  4. Make Fee payments and Foreign fees in the admission portal.
  5. Submit Visa documents
  6. Verification of all documents will be done by the office after payment of fees
  7. Register on Foreign Student Information System
  8. Admission will be confirmed.


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