Employability Skills Development Programme

The Department of Management, School of Economics, Commerce and Management, Martin Luther Christian University

The Department of Management, School of Economics, Commerce and Management, Martin Luther Christian University conducted a five-day Workshop on Employability Skills Development Programme from September 4th-9, 2023 at Umsawli Campus, Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong. The MBA, MCom and BBA final-year students attended the programme.

 The Resource persons are as follows:

  1. Soumen Das, B.Tech, IIT Guwahati PGDM (IIM Lucknow) PhD (IIT Guwahati)
  2. Monprayash Bordoloi, MA (Tezpur University)

3.Trikhagni Kalita, MA (Gauhati University)

4.Adeep Rajkhowa,  B.Tech (Tezpur University) 



In today’s dynamic job market, possessing employability skills is crucial for individuals to secure and thrive in their careers. Employability skills encompass a range of personal, interpersonal, and technical competencies that enable individuals to adapt, excel, and contribute effectively in various work environments. This Employability Skills Development Program was designed to address the growing need for individuals to acquire and enhance these essential skills.


The objectives of the programme are to provide learners with the knowledge and abilities needed to stand out in any work market to succeed in the profession and increase their employability by acquiring the necessary skills and abilities.

Summary of the Programme

 The following topics were covered in the lecture: –


            Day 1:

Career orientation, Group Discussion & Personal interview 

Logical Reasoning

Mental ability 


Day 2:

Speed Maths/Simplification 

Quantitative aptitude 


Day 3: This section was designed to acquaint students with marketing themselves, especially in communicating and writing skills. For most students’ career placements will provide a significant contribution to their resume and future job interview opportunities Therefore, mastery of the communication skills required in the Graduate Capabilities Section will be critical to the student’s success in gaining employment after graduation. 


Grammar/Error finding 

Verbal Ability 

Reading Comprehension 


Day 4:

Analytical ability 

Quantitative aptitude 


Day 5:

Logical Reasoning 

 Students Key Learnings

  • Calculation of huge numbers in a short period and learning the shortcuts in mathematics 
  • Interview skills and how to cope with the encounters during the interviews
  • Learning how to solve aptitude tests.
  • Learning how to make a professional resume or CV.
  • Eloquent to use more vocabulary 
  • Professional dress code and etiquette 
  • Building self-confidence and working on yourself 
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and narrate them in the form of the story.


 Employability skills are essential in the changing job landscape. Adapting to the requirement is the only device that a job seeker can do. The solution is to master the professional skills that are inevitable for such jobs. This workshop has helped students individually and prepare them for the outside world