Bike rally programme as part of the 16 Days of Activism

Organised by North East Network, Shillong in collaboration with Martin Luther Christian University on November 25, 2023

North East Network, Shillong, in collaboration with Martin Luther Christian University, organized a Bike Rally on November 25, 2023, as part of the 16 Days of Activism. The theme for this year was “Together We Rise, Together We Unite for Violence-free Communities for Women and Girls.” The rally aimed to raise awareness about gender-based violence against women and girls, serving as a symbol of solidarity to address this critical issue.

Being part of the bike rally program was a opportunity for the students of Martin Luther Christian University. The presence of the Women Bike Association, support from the police department, and the team from the North East Network, who organized this program, have made a visible impact on society in creating awareness and promoting vigilance against the growing discrimination and violence faced by women and children.

The bike rally featured 23 participants, including students and faculty from Martin Luther Christian University. The bike route started from YMCA, Mawkhar, Police Bazar, Polo, Laitumkhrah, with a final stop at Madan Malki. The event concluded with a short speech emphasizing the significance of the campaign and the necessity for collective action to mitigate gender-based violence.

  • Iaimanda A. Ryngksai, the State Coordinator of NEN Meghalaya, delivered the welcome speech, highlighting the aim and 28 years of dedicated work by North East Network, Shillong, in building a society in the northeast that upholds women’s rights and gender justice.
  • S.A.M Nongdhar, MPS, Deputy Superintendent, W&C Cell, emphasized the importance of societal awareness in protecting against crimes, advocating for women’s rights and justice, and encouraging the filing of FIRs in the police department.
  • Nadeen Pakyntein, Associate Dean of Students from Martin Luther Christian University, addressed the challenges faced by women in society, stressing the crucial need for support and awareness to ensure people are informed about their rights and justice