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Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Management

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Duration:  1 years (2 semesters)
Eligibility: Any Bachelor Degree

Management of Christian organizations, institutions and non-profit organizations is of paramount importance and they share similarities with secular organizational management. There has undoubtedly been an increasing requirement for skilled and professional management experts in religious communities and Christian organizations. Management has become essential in these organizations, equipping aspiring leaders with the necessary techniques and tools to handle different managerial issues successfully.

The degree is designed to acquaint students with core management principles, analyze and evaluate problems, and construct and implement solutions in the dynamic management environment. The course will help perform teamwork and leadership skills and develop an understanding and appreciation of ethical principles with Biblical standards at the professional and community levels. It relates to ministry administration and how to apply them in life. It will also help equip the students with the skills to faithfully administer and steward a ministry or non-profit.

This course presumes that leadership is a biblical given, and the cultural mandate requires it (Genesis 1:26-28). Biblical leadership is the skilful initiative one or more people takes in a synergistic partnership to influence others toward accomplishing a shared goal. Hence, it will trace the biblical leadership model and explore the theological implications of the various leadership models offered for the Church and Christian management.

This course will deal with the relationship between management and strategic leadership and its effect on decision-making. This course aims to offer different definitions of strategic management and discusses the impact of strategic management and leadership on strategic decision-making. This course will help students to discover new ways to harness their various talents to meet the needs of the project, team, or institutions/churches.

Course Delivery
Theory: lectures, tutorials, presentations, case studies, assignments, conferences, and seminars.

Practical: Experiential activities, research dissertation, field trip, an internship with Christian Non-Profit Organizations or Churches.

Career prospects

  • Administrators in any organization
  • Non-profit organization leaders
  • Ministry communication specialist
  • Executive leader in ministry

Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Management

Duration: One year (two semesters)

Eligibility: Any bachelor’s degree

Course Outline:


Semester I

Subject Code Subject Title Credits Hours
Theory Practicum
PGDCM 500 Principles of Management 3 1 75
PGDCM 501 Financial Accounting 2 2 90
PGDCM 502 Organizational Behaviour 3 1 75
PGDCM 503 Financial Management 3 1 75
PGDCM 504 Human Resource Management 3 1 75
  Project/Internship 100
  Total 14 6 490





Semester II


Subject Code Subject Title Credits Hours
Theory Practicum


Biblical and Theological Foundations of Christian Leadership 3 1 75
PGDCM 551 Christian Ethics and Management Ethos 3 1 75


Principles of Strategic Planning for Churches and Christian Organisations 2 2 90
PGDCM 553 Corporate Communication 2 2 90
PGDCM 554 Legal requirement of churches/NGOs 3 1 75
  Project/Internship 100
  Total 13 7 505
  Total credits & hours from Semester I and Semester II = 40 credits & 995 hours.


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